Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

“Why Media Spreads”

Posted by taylorbelcher on January 26, 2017

The first thing I found interesting is when it talks about what “other body parts media companies and brands hope to grab next” because I have previously pondered the fact that media such as television and social apps have reached a point where people are not being active and have their eyes glued to a screen. Some don’t even realize it.
I also agree when it says that our decisions “are reshaping the media landscape.” For example, I have seen where several apps have been shut down as a result of not having enough users like other certain apps do, such as Facebook or Twitter. These apps affect the way people interact with each other, as also mentioned in the reading. I feel that many people in our generation are more comfortable texting one another than face to face contact because we are more exposed to the way technology has developed.

Another concept that I found to be quite interesting is the explanation of the term “stickiness.” I have never heard of this word being used in this context- as obtaining the audience’s attention and engagement. It was very interesting to learn about, and it makes sense when you really think about it. I knew that sites and all forms of media have certain tactics to keep people intrigued. When I was reading about the explanation of stickiness, I thought about the television show Gossip Girl. On the show, this anonymous person would post on a blog about the lives of upper class people because that’s what the people wanted to read about, so that is what “gossip girl” gave them in order to still have the audience’s attention and have them coming back for more news to spread. Like the reading said, they put it in one place and make the audience come to them.

It’s also crazy to think about how they can track who is viewing certain things and how many viewings certain things have. Reading that section of the assigned reading reminded me of the television show Parks and Recreation, when one of the characters was on the internet, and it had suggestions for him of other sites to visit or things to buy based on things previously viewed by him. Technology has advanced so much, and companies and people are using that to their advantage.


2 Responses to ““Why Media Spreads””

  1. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I have seen a few episodes of Gossip Girl recently because a friend was watching it, but I did not even think about this comparison. I really like it and it does ring true. She gives them what they want to keep them coming back.

  2. Technology has made our generation very hesitant to face to face conversations because of how much we use technology to communicate. I think technology is running our social skills because we, like you said, would rather use technology to communicate instead of talking face to face.

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