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Spreadable Media Reflection

Posted by mackenzie brown on January 26, 2017

Today, media has the biggest influence on society by far. I have never thought of the media as “sticky” until reading this article but it makes sense looking at it this way. The media can be extremely deceiving and trick people into believing things that are not true. There is a point in the article that explains how some sites do not have a back button so the browser is basically “trapped” so to speak once they come across that site. I would describe this as “sticky” because it is basically trapping you. The media is also extremely competitive and is always looking for ways to promote certain TV shows or certain websites. The example that stood out to me the most was about the MTV reality show Jersey Shore and how they made a website about it to promote the show. This is extremely common now because producers want their shows to be promoted anyway they can. Media circulates at such a fast pace considering all of the different sources and ways it can be circulated. You can connect with people from all over the world through media and know what is happening basically 24/7 through the media. There are so many messages that are sent through the media that wasn’t meant to spread across but it can happen. There are always many different people viewing and sharing messages through the media. It is kind of scary to think how far a message in the media could eventually get and who could access it. The media is so “spreadable” because of how popular it has become in our society. Our society is basically shaped around the media and it spreads very rapidly.


7 Responses to “Spreadable Media Reflection”

  1. marylennoxhalf said

    I felt the same way about the Jersey Shore promotion. That made such a big impact in the media, and it was interesting that the popularity of the link was documented. Also, I love how you used the word “trapped” to describe how we are forced into a web page with no back button. It is definitely a good example of stickiness.

  2. tristendenney14 said

    I too agree with your point about Jersey Shore. Although I have never seen this show or website, there are so many companies and brands out there today trying to force their pitch that it sometimes becomes annoying. Also, your point about how fast and efficiently media spreads is very good. It kind of scares me how much one can find in social media. I just hope with the way things are and how they will be in the future, that things like social media do not come back to hurt people or the society.

  3. cameronbrooks3 said

    I agree, especially with the Jersey Shore example. Only because I watched a little bit of the show from time to time and it’s just crazy how even so called reality television will do whatever it takes to get the show out there so viewers can watch. It just seem like companies will promote unnecessary television and not the real life situations we should worry about.

  4. Sean Hull said

    Seeing these comments on encountering Jersey Shore advertisements really gave me a pause. I’m not that involved in social media compared to many others in my generation, but I’ve never really thought about how that lack of participation is one of the main things isolating me from these aspects of spreadable popular culture.

  5. lillieeastham said

    I actually think the Jersey Shore marketing idea was a good example of how advertisers should adapt to this new media environment. By making a game out of their advertisement they created something that people actually engaged in willingly and shared with their friends. Because they made their media desirable they didn’t have to ‘trap’ people.

  6. faythleighann said

    It is sometimes unfathamable to think about how much social media has a control on our lives. everyday we use media in one form or another to share ideas and thoughts with everyone around us. In many ways it can be a great thing to connect with people around the world and share your thoughts on matters that may have never occurred to another person. But in many other ways, I do agree that it can turn into something chaotic. Since anyone can like, comment, blog, and share anything they want to, it can easily be manipulated that incorrect information can be given causing a ripple effect in the media.

  7. tommistowers said

    I too believe that the social media controls our lives. Since this is true, producers and ads are shown throughout all sorts of media to grab our attention. Multiple people can share, retweet, like, or comment on to get others attention as well. Throughout social media you can connect with others and see if you have things in common or completely opposite from one another that also gets peoples attention. I do too believe social media can connect people throughout the world.

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