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Spreadable Media

Posted by briannaembry on January 26, 2017

Media tends to have a huge impact on the generations of today. With the latest advances in technology and social networking, the media seems to spread like wildfire.

I believe that social media plays a huge role in the way that media is spread. Going back to what the text demonstrated, spreadability feeds off the social connections between individuals. Social media is the perfect place for that, allowing individuals to stay in touch over distances and share media in a public settling. People view this spreadable media and feel the need to share with their family and friends that they have connected with. With social media, things are shared effortlessly by a simple click.

The concept of stickiness seemed the most relatable. Many times on my Facebook timeline, quizzes with titles such as “What Pop Diva Are You?” are shared through Buzzfeed sources. Although these quizzes may seem irrelevant and unimportant, they truly do attract certain audiences and entices them into learning more. These quizzes may, perhaps, contribute to the popularity of Buzzfeed media because the stickiness allows for more views and may in turn be shared amongst friends. The more viewed a cite is, the more familiar it becomes to the audience. In turn, the more familiar a cite is, the more popular the cite is, leading to a better spread of whatever media it presents. Afterall, many individuals are spending their free time on social media networks so it makes sense that a lot of media be represented in this way. I believe that the use of social media today has impacted the media to make it more easily spread.



6 Responses to “Spreadable Media”

  1. cameronbrooks3 said

    I agree. Social media is so used on a daily basis that we wouldn’t even need to watch the news because we have bloggers and people who post things for a living on Facebook or tweet about what’s happening. And with the quizzes online is just another way for users to stay engaged in what they are doing in the media.

  2. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I personally don’t even watch the news, but I stay informed because I encounter things on twitter, with links to news articles. Social Media has definitely become important for media today. Now when people are arguing they can just post a link to a source to show facts, meaning information is spread quicker and easier between others and for the rest of the world to see.

  3. emilyfalicaa said

    I think your example and analysis of stickiness is right on. The best way to get the attention of a potential viewer is simplistic advertising like those fun Buzzfeed quizzes, it’s like a tame version on clickbait articles. Buzzfeed started out as a fun quiz/DIY page, and now they are on the edge of being considered credible news by keeping up with that “what Disney princess are you” mentality. Draw people in with the fun, let them leave with that and also content such as news. End result is that I know I am Belle but I also know Trump’s latest EO because they got me addicted to their source with eye-catching.

  4. faythleighann said

    I completely agree that social media is the most effective an easiest way media is spread. It is the most common and, therefore, tends to play a much larger role in our views and decisions than we would like to admit. The example of stickiness given is exactly right, sites “trap” us into choosing an ad or watching a video based on familiarity, and sometimes not giving us an alternative to the decision. Social media has defintiely given media an easier way to spread.

  5. Social media does spread like wildfires and it can take place of the news because I honestly never watch the news I just find out things through social media. Social media is such a popular way to communicate and spread news. So social media is extremely spreadable and we learn this from this reading.

  6. sydneyb612 said

    Everything you said about social media and spreadable I totally agree with. I can relate with things like buzz feed and things on Facebook sticking. I’ll admit that I am hooked to those kinds of quizzes and realize once I take one quiz or read one article, then I continue to take more quizzes and read more articles. This really proves that this kind of media does stick.

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