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Thoughts Media Spreads

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on January 25, 2017

After reading the passage in the book Spreadable Media, I learned about the different types of media. The sticky and the spreadable media. I found this interesting because I had never thought of there to be a certain type of media that specifically “sticks” or “spreads.”

The thing that interested me the most about these types of media, was the similarities and differences that were between them. Like how the spreadable media is spread pretty naturally due to the media being “worth sharing.” While there are many cases in which sticky media can be used as a “roach motel” that locks in the viewer of the media. Yet these differences do not change the fact that these two kinds of media are very similar by the fact that both types of media can become popularized. Even though their methods of popularization are very different.

These two types of media reminded me of my experience in being a media consumer and producer. I see both of these types of media nearly everyday. I the spreadable media is the type that I prefer because it is not a forced type of material. This makes it more enjoyable because it’s typically a good meme or joke. While when I encounter a usual kind of sticky media that I encounter is the first kind mentioned in the text. Roach motels are what I usually see because they come up in advertisements on free apps, youtube, and things of that sort.

Despite the different approaches to popularization of the types of media, both kinds can make their media equally notable. One way is made by site views and length of viewing, and the other is done by shares. I found both of the details of media very interesting to learn about.


One Response to “Thoughts Media Spreads”

  1. nathanpowers22 said

    I like that you mentioned the idea of media being spreadable because it is “worth sharing.” More specifically, I think that’s an accurate description of the more spreadable forms of media because things that get the most shares, reposts, reblogs, etc. are those that are short and have an immediate impact. Good memes and jokes are good examples of this because you can read and understand them almost immediately, whereas things like news articles and clips of stand-up routines can be perceived as inherently less worthy of sharing because they require your attention for several minutes to read or sit through a bit of build-up before reaching the punchline.

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