Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The beginning

Posted by tommistowers on January 25, 2017

Today’s mass media has not only impacted our society as a whole but has also impacted the lives of a younger mind. As our culture begins to evolve the minds of children begin to open into a different culture. A culture that in previous cultures would not believe. In today’s culture nearly everyone has a IPhone, MacBook, IPod, or some kind of device that allows internet access for social media. These Mass medias include Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. These types of mass media have shifted throughout the years and changed the lives of the youth. “Our culture portrayed by mass media emphasizes on glamour, sexual satisfaction and promiscuity, comedic vulgarity, violence, and immediate gratification of needs” (Socialization).

In the reading I really focused on how the shift of our culture began. Us as humans, are constantly changing by “shaping, sharing, reframing, and remixing media content in ways which might not have been previously imagined” (Spreadable Media).  When Spreadable Media stated that they focus on the social logics and cultural practices that enabled and popularized the new platforms really caught my eye. I really wanted to focus on how others thought about the changes being made and how it has impacted one another. This is also referred to as the “spreadability”. Another termed used was stickiness; Spreadable Media gave an example of how some sites disable the back button, that makes it difficult to escape without closing their browser. This stickiness is often seen on Facebook through ads, quizzes, and invites. Throughout the media there are many stickiness involved to catch ones eye to just check it out for a moment. This is how our culture began to shift, by simply taking a moment out of someone’s day to interest them into something new.

4 Responses to “The beginning”

  1. adusheck said

    I completely agree that technology has taken over the younger minds. As an education major you see this more than ever because you are constantly being asked when observing how a teacher implements technology into their daily routine and also being asked to learn how to do so. It is almost a requirement for students to have some sort of electronic device to participate in school.

  2. Yes, I completely agree with that too. We see today that younger kids have the most updated technology. For example, my younger brother, who is still in middle school, has a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge and has all the apps like Facebook and so on. However when I was his age, I had a small flip phone that was only used to call, no texting or apps or games.

  3. cameronbrooks3 said

    I feel like technology is absolutely taking over the human race. All we do is watch TV and say glued in to our moblie phone and laptops. It is like an addition to always check your phone to see if someone likes your picture or just to see what’s going on in the world other than taking the time to be active.

  4. briannaembry said

    I agree, technology is having a growing impact on the younger generation as time goes on. It seems to become more normal for young individuals to become more involved in the media as technology advances. Children are getting their hands on technology at an earlier age. With this technology at their fingertips, the younger minds are definitely becoming a huge part to spreadable media.

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