Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Sticky vs. Spreadable

Posted by lillieeastham on January 25, 2017

This chapter really emphasized the problem with media today. Most mainstream media is desperately clinging to the idea of ‘sticky’ content, while consumers want ‘spreadable’ content. This is understandable, stickiness is much more straightforward and easier to understand than it’s counterpart. It seems like content goes viral almost at random in today’s world, making it incredibly hard for companies to predict which of their content has ‘spreadable’ potential.

At the same time, I think companies should look at this as a challenging opportunity as opposed to just sticking to their old ways. Instead of attempting to trick consumers into reading their content, they should focus on creating content that is entertaining enough that it can spread of it’s own accord. This is definitely a riskier business model, but as shown by the Susan Boyle example, when it is successful the rewards are astronomical.


One Response to “Sticky vs. Spreadable”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I definitely agree with your statement that companies should focus on creating content that it interesting and dynamic enough that people want to share it willingly. However, as you acknowledged, companies do not want to shift to this kind of practice because it comes with a ton more risk for them. It does have the chance to be wildly successful, sure, but the chances of that happening are not very high. Most things that go viral happen out of nowhere, and companies simply cannot deal with that much unpredictability.

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