Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

“Spreadable Media” Introduction Reflection

Posted by emilymorgan98 on January 25, 2017

This first reading was pretty interesting. I liked the part about the “stickiness” of the media because I have never thought about the media being viewed as “sticky”. One of the things that were mentioned was the use of disabling the back button. There have been a few sites that I will get on and it would not let me get back out without having to close the whole internet browser down. I never would have thought that would be a way to “stick” someone onto a page; I honestly thought it was just my laptop. I feel like nowadays though, it is a necessity to have a “sticky” website. If not, it would become hard to capture as well as keep the audience’s attention.

I also very much agreed with the part that mentions that the “distribution” as well of the stickiness of the site should coexist. Seems like it is the same few commercials or ads running around on social media and they can get worn out! After hearing the same ad on the radio five times, I’m likely to turn on a CD or another radio station. Everyone deserves a shot to have what they make be out there with the same representation. It’s interesting, though, to think about why exactly some media is more spread around than others and how it happens; I have never really thought much about the media around me like that.

I don’t agree with the section about “Comcast must die”. Even though some stores could stand to have better customer service, not everywhere is a terrible place. Some stores, both in store and offline, have very good customer service. Since the online aspect of shopping is ever changing, it is also changing with the public relations portion. Along with that, the common people shopping tend to expect the most when it comes to online shopping and talking with customer service about different subjects. If one thing is off they will call and get extremely upset, over the smallest things. I cannot count how many times I have seen this. Whether it be in my family or out in public.


One Response to ““Spreadable Media” Introduction Reflection”

  1. katemilner9 said

    I don’t think the “Comcast Must Die” section was meant to call out all customer service as bad, and worthy of vilification, but more to point out the disparity in quality of customer service depending on the “clout” of the customer. It sorta goes back to the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” though in this case the squeakiness is the amount of influence a customer has. I think the question is less how good/bad customer service is, but how appropriate is it to prioritize patrons based on how many twitter followers they have.

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