Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Initial Blog Post (1/25)

Posted by sydneyb612 on January 25, 2017

As a beginner in the subject of pop culture, this article was very informative. I did not understand all the concepts addressed, but recognized a few. From what I understand this book is going to be a guide for all thing media related we will talk about in class. A line that stood out to me the most was “read it, debate it, critique it, and trash it”. I look forward to opening my lenses on the world and looking at things through all sorts of perspectives. Media is always trying to set a crystallized lens on advertising, making things that are not so great look amazing. This article talks about all the things the book will provide and teach us about media and the world around us.

One other thing that really stood out to me about this article is how much growth the media can have. This has been something that has become more apparent to me as I have gotten older. Media is so directed at certain groups or types of people. Commercials talk about how this “thing” is for men and this “thing” is for women and this “thing” is for families. Why do we have products or things so directed at certain people? There is so much room for growth in the media. They should show us things that makes us think intellectually not just materially. I believe a great point is made, that we do need to open up and speak out and even change the way media is displayed and perceived.

I am very excited to get into some difficult topics in this class. I can’t wait to form my own opinions and hear other people’s opinions to take into consideration. Hopefully this opens my mind and challenges my current lens on the world.


3 Responses to “Initial Blog Post (1/25)”

  1. I think that is a great point. When you said that commercials focus on a certain audience for certain genders or groups of people, that reminded me of a discussion that we had in my Gender/Women’s Studies class last semester. We looked at ads all the way from the 1920s to present day, and it was quite surprising to see what similarities they had in common but changed over time in order to pull in more attention.

  2. lillieeastham said

    I agree that the main thing I took from the reading was just how much media needs to expand and grow. I think in a lot of ways it is advancing faster than anyone can keep up. People working in advertising need to look at these advancements as opportunities and use them to expand how they advertise.

  3. amycory said

    I believe media does not need to continue to grow and expand. Media naturally is spread at growing rates, and the more media sources made available has created growing tension in and among different sub-cultures. I feel debate plays a huge role in our growing society, but on the other hand the advertising industry has gradually been feeding our subconscious. In doing so we have misplaced concepts of what, “normal” or “better” truly means to us as individuals.

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