Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Interruption or Inclusiveness?

Posted by Drake Kizer on January 25, 2017

Not too long after class on January 24, I opened up my laptop and navigated to my digital copy of our class’s textbook, Spreadable Media. I read the assigned 22 pages and left the last one feeling a bit dazed and confused. Honestly, it took me more than one time through to truly understand what message the book was trying to convey. As I reread the section, however, the content on pages 13 and 14 consistently stood out to me and “stuck” out in my head.

One quote in particular caught my eye time and time again, and it was, “Yet, while an advertisement might feel like an intrusion or interruption, people often welcome spreadable media content from friends.” In that line, I found an extremely interesting scenario that pervades my everyday life. When I am on YouTube watching videos and an advertisement pops up before my video plays, I am absolutely enraged. However, when a notification pops up on my phone saying “___ has shared a Tweet with you”, no matter what I am doing, I simply cannot click it fast enough.

I believe that the reasoning behind why I curse spreadable media when it comes through an advertising campaign, yet praise it when it comes from my friends, is because when my friends share spreadable media with me, it is a “gesture of friendship [that] [builds] interpersonal relationships.” Conversely, the advertising campaign is simply targeting me because they think I might want to buy whatever they are peddling. There is absolutely no personal connection present at all. Though advertising is more tailored to users than ever before due to tracking technologies that look through browsing history, an advertisement will never have as much impact as one of my friends seeing something and saying, “Hey, Drake would love that, let me share that with him.”


4 Responses to “Interruption or Inclusiveness?”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I love this point Drake and I feel the exact same way. YouTube ads or ads on games I play absolutely annoy me. Also, I felt a bit confused about the reading myself; however, after posting my blog and reading other’s posts, I feel that I understand the book more.

  2. jacobkaraglanis said

    I enjoyed what you said about the “_ shared a tweet with you” because I am the same way. I really enjoy when someone shares media with because I know it will be something that they tailor to me. I find personal sharing much more enjoyable than when an advertisement gets forced upon my social media feed.

  3. laurenivey22 said

    I relate to the sharing of tweets or instagram or facebook posts as well. My roommate and I are always sending each other links to tweets we saw that remnind us of each other and it is kind of a nice feeling to see that someone saw someone on the internet and immediately thought of you. (that is, if its good lol.)

  4. vene131 said

    I completely agree that when spreadable media is more personal I am less likely to get angry about it. My best friend is always sending me links to things on Tumblr if he thinks it reminds him or me and vis versa. So I think that the major way spreadable media can be looked at as something good is when it has a personal condentation behind it.

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