Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by faythleighann on January 25, 2017

Technology has become a lifestyle, a necessity to our day to day tasks and communications. More often than not we overlook the significance and impact of our involvement with technology, and more importantly social media. However, there is a group that not only is attentively aware of the popularity in our addiction to media, but takes advantage of it, and that is corporate businesses.

Easily articulated in the introduction of Spreadable Media, there are essentially two key principles in the vast spread of media: the “spreadability” and the “stickiness”. The two coexist and engage people to spread the content. Online businesses have realized the logic behind the trending use of social media and manipulate to increase revenue.

First, they create a sticky situation for people to notice. The goal is to not only grab the audience’s attention but to keep them digging for more. For example, magazine subscribers. When signing up for free emails from a favorite magazine, the company has already given you an impression to seek out more information. But what you later find out is that they only give you half of the story, so what they do is charge you for the rest of it by offering a monthly or weekly subscription. Without even realizing it they have used these exact tactics to enforce the belief that the magazine is interesting enough to engage in, and by only providing half for free it motivates people to seek out the rest.

The businesses that do this capitalize on the stickiness online through media. And without realizing it, leading people to fall in a loop of constant sticky situations.


4 Responses to “CORPORATE MEDIA”

  1. adusheck said

    I completely agree with what you said about not being aware. I felt the same after reading the introduction. I knew that businesses obviously monitored their websites but through sales rather than monitoring how long each viewer remained on the website or how many views it got. I thought that only social media sites were keeping track of views.

  2. Yeah, I agree also that technology is apart of everyone’s lifestyle and routine nowadays. I’ve noticed in my own life that every morning I catch myself checking Twitter like it’s a newspaper. You also did a great job of summarizing the content from the reading about stickiness and spreadability.

  3. emilychildress329 said

    I agree with you that technology is a lifestyle now. I could not tell you how many times that I have checked all my social media without even realizing it. I also agree that corporate businesses tend to take advantage of it, and use the amount of times that we check our feeds as business for them. I never looked at it that way and actually thought about it until I read your summary.

  4. tommistowers said

    I agree with you that today technology is a lifestyle as well. Today technology is used in every step of our daily routines and continues to change our world each and everyday. Us as students, use technology for our own pleasure and also during classes for participation. I believe that businesses do use stickiness to catch our eye and try to make us dig deeper each time we log on to one of their sites. Businesses do use tactics to encourage us to check something new out! Good Job!

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