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Why Media Spreads

Posted by tristendenney14 on January 24, 2017

Media in today’s culture is a very broad topic to discuss. For example, from social media, to news media, to even physical literature mediums like Spreadable Media, the idea of “media” is a very strong and influential topic. Like the term “viral” discussed in Spreadable Media, media today does not represent the same meaning it did when it originated. Viral began as a word to describe an infection or spread of a disease, where today we understand it as a piece of media becoming exceedingly popular or entertaining. Media on the other hand, has always and still does stand for a type of medium or way of communication; however, if asked what media today means to most younger generations, the answer would most likely refer to social media. In my opinion though, the way and means of media spreading and sticking is generational. An example that stood out to me was the section describing how each one of us knows someone who still cuts out newspaper clippings to archive or keep for themselves. My grandmother has cut out multiple sections throughout my life to show or explain to me, but I cannot remember a time I ever cut out a newspaper article to show to one of my friends. Instead, I choose the quicker route of accessing social media and electronically sharing an article or post to my friends in little to no time at all. These personal experiences of mine are just like many others that have contributed to the “spreadability” and “stickiness” of media. The more apps or social opportunities that become available to the younger generations, the more media will continue to spread and stick. Therefore, I ultimately believe media spreadability and stickiness are associated with generational appeals, media accessibility, and the influence from others.


7 Responses to “Why Media Spreads”

  1. jasendavis said

    My grandmother reads the newspaper every morning with her coffee. I know some publications are converting to the online-only subscription only format, and though our generation is indifferent to it (I have never actually sat to read a physical copy of a newspaper), my grandmother refuses to give up her paper copy. all I need is the NY Times app on my phone, and I am content.

  2. Drake Kizer said

    I can definitely relate to what you were saying about your grandmother cutting out sections of the newspaper and showing them to you. Mine did the exact same thing, and throughout all my years playing high school football, I probably have a clipping about every game I played in. It really is kind of neat to have all those in an album for years to come, but like you, I always just take the route of electronically sharing whatever it is that I want to. We don’t really think about how a lot of what we are sharing won’t last forever, but those clippings and “old” stuff like that will.

  3. kaufmansw said

    I can relate to what you were saying about media being generational. My grandparents read the newspaper every morning and save clippings. I, on the other hand, use social media as my gateway to news. I agree with your point about the impact others can have on what you believe. Most people nowadays tend to go with the trend even if they don’t quite believe in what it stands for.

  4. jacobkaraglanis said

    I like how you touched on the generational aspect of the spread of media. Your anecdote about your grandmother was relatable because my grandma creates scrapbooks of interesting or meaningful newspaper clippings. While now people in our generation take screenshots or pictures on our phones. Both methods have the same outcome, but both are very different too.

  5. emilyjones232 said

    I liked how you mentioned your grandmother cutting out newspaper clippings. Mine would do the same thing if any of her grandkids happened to be in the paper that day. My grandparents read the newspaper every day without fail. I know media is always evolving and changing and we are shifting away from printed news, but there is something nostalgic about holding a fresh newspaper that will never go out of style.

  6. laurenivey22 said

    I definitely agree about the section where you stated your grandparents cut out sections of the newspaper an give it to you. Mine still do that to this day, and I honestly kind of enjoy a fresh perspective on things that aren’t censored through the internet. I also thought the grandparents aspect was very relatable because my mother still keeps scrapbooks with pictures of my sister and I through the years, which is a noticeable difference to what our generation has now with the digital camera and IPhone camera and how we just post those pictures to social media.

  7. connorfrederick12 said

    I really loved your point that the idea of what media is, is generational. This younger generation may see it as social media like you said, ours may see it internet news outlets, the one before may see it as music videos, the one before may see it as television, and the one before that may see it as a radio show. After reading that, just made me think deeper into what it meant.

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