Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Final Project

Posted by laurenbailey07 on December 8, 2016

Pop Culture Final Project

My group decided to do our project individually. Each of us asked some of our friends what song has impacted them most in their life. For my project personally, I got a wide variety of genres of music. I felt like this project was interesting to be apart of because i realized that in all of the other projects i have done, no one was as willing to take part as they were for this project. I think that music speaks to a lot of people and makes them feel as if they are apart of something.

If I were to ask myself the same question, my answer would probably be Growing Up by The Maine. One of the lyrics in the song says “growing up won’t bring us down”, and i think a lot of us need to hear that every once in a while. We get this whole other world inside of our heads that adulthood is going to be so difficult and that we are going to lose ourselves in the transition but i think we just all need to realize that you can’t always take life so seriously. Everyone is in this together and you just have to continue to look on the bright side of things. I think this song could speak to a lot of different people and make them feel something good.


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