Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Dear Next President – submission

Posted by cliffordpaulparsoniiiesq on December 7, 2016

This project was a great opportunity to discuss politics in a light that you don’t see enough. I like the idea of not taking sides, but rather addressing what you should look for in a president overall. This way of thinking is a far cry from the hostile, “anti” attitudes that plague voters every election cycle.

“Dear Next President” made me feel like I’m in elementary school all over again: Open-minded, eager to learn, and enthusiastic to be a part of the political process. It’s a sense of childlike innocence to be able to look at a president objectively, not bound by one’s own biases.

I’m hoping it’s this attitude that may help some people cope with the election results to come. We will always have America, and too often the upfront politics distracts from our patriotism during hard times. Thanks “Dear Next President” for being something encouraging and positive to come out of 2016!



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