Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

“Synthesis/analysis of my Project”

Posted by yanniej on December 6, 2016


Since it was clear that we were Gennie pings for most of the projects it was very frustrating to me not only to have a platform that didn’t functions successfully but also not having a direct layout of what to do, how to do it and when it needs to be done. While there was a lot of confusion with this project I appreciate the people, who contributed to this project at the last minute so whatever recording I received is what I had to use because beggars can’t be choosers. There wasn’t a clear limit of how long the recordings were supposed to be, so I asked everyone the prompt my group created with which was what is your favorite song, who sings it and how has music influenced you.

Family feud by Pistol Annie’s: Within the recording the individual described how she used this song to deal with an emotional time within her family which was her family fighting over assist when her grandfather passed away. She expresses how music has a way of telling a story or relating to people which makes people connect with certain songs or genres. As she mentioned sometimes it doesn’t matter about the genre of the song but only the words and the meaning behind it. While this song painted her life story well everyone who listen to the song does not obtain the same emotional appeal which is why music is so interesting. I decided to give the song a try and see what message I gathered from the song which was issues within a family but of course I could not relate to the deep meaning that she gathered because that was her personal story.

My wish for Christmas by R. Kelly: Within the recording the individuals related this song to the memories and his joy for Christmas. The meaning that he gathered from the song is about peace and love and how Christmas time is all about giving. While its simple to say that this song is his favorite but Christmas is also his favorite the meaning behind a simple Christmas song like world peace and love are things that some people may draw from the song while I just think it is a catchy jingle. It is interesting to compare how you interpret a song compared to someone else because most of the time they are not similar. It does not have to be a deep song with a meaning to have a purpose to someone. While listening to this song what I took away from it was a song that would be played during decorating the Christmas tree and I didn’t enjoy it very much because I love uplifting beats and within the song I got a sad vibe of desire to change the world.

I’ll show You by Justin Bieber: Within the recording the individual related the lyrics of the catchy pop singer to how she views her life which is even when you do bad things you can always recover. She relates this to the song because the artist is talking about how as a celebrity he is also still a human and makes mistakes. It is also interesting to view the stand point of a young fan to the artist because his music is in a way motivation, courage and a sense of determination to her. Just by listening to the 3-min song she could reflect on her lifestyles by saying by surrounding yourself by the right people you can make a change. While I have listened to the song and didn’t take away such a deep meaning as what he was saying every song speaks to individuals differently because we have all faced our own struggles. The meaning I took away from the song was the artist personal determination to change and that simply his life isn’t easy just because he is famous.

That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars: Within the recording the individual said that the song as a form of entertainment. Music can be therapeutic, motivational or simply for entertainment. While hers was short and straight to the point some people simply listen to music as a form of entertainment just as I do. It doesn’t matter about the lyrics we can just be inspired or uplifted by a song simply because of the beats. Just as individuals enjoy every song produced by an artist because of the love for the artist. It doesn’t have to be a full song that reflects your life that makes you love the song, it could simply be bells that make you think about the time you were in New Orleans. This is honestly the only one I could relate to because this song is so uplifting and makes me happy and want to dance every time I hear it, to me it is much more than just the lyrics music is fun.

Crooked Smile by J Cole: Within the recording the individual mentioned how just the lyrics of the song holds a lot of meaning to him because it teaches self-love. Thankfully I picked his brain a little more to see what he meant by that and he told me that he views music as art. He admires lyrical artist that speak about related things true to the world which is why he respects artist like him because they are very hard to find. Indeed, I do believe artist such as him tell a story in a straightforward manner meaning there is no underlying message. The message I took away from the song was like my song I choose which was how society views people, the lyrics where beautiful and painted a picture to a tee! Music is art!

Pretty hurts by Beyoncé: Within the recording I reflected on how the lyrics and the video had a meaning to me because I am a visual person. Because of the video I had a different interpretation of the song because of the visual images where things I related to as a female. Sometimes you have a different feeling of a song when you just listen to the words compared to when there is a music video to go along with what was saying. I related to this song personally because I could relate to having to feel as if I had to live up to standards as a young woman to be beautiful. Since this was the song I choose I asked my friend to watch it because I was curious what she thought it was about and she connected the song to beauty pageants.

My approach for this assignment was different because I don’t think it was clear what was expected but I like the way I did it. It was much more than just “adding audio” together I could see something that I have never seen before which was how the meaning of music is different for everyone. It can be a personally story about family issues, insecurities, entrainment, memories, a reminder of your favorite holiday or simply motivation. The way music has an impact on people is different for everyone which is the reason why someone might like a song and the other person hate it. Just by simply communicating with the people who contributed to my project I understood myself that music to me is like a melody I listen to it for the beats and the vibes while the same song could remind someone of their lost grandfather.



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