Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Vojo — What We Learned

Posted by mhlowhorn on December 5, 2016

This project has taught us a lot about how music can influence people’s lives in a multitude of ways.  Music is not merely a form of casual entertainment—it can change people’s thoughts, perspectives, and their lives in general. 

Someone called in to talk about how Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” album altered their musical tastes by introducing them to music from other cultures (Buckley’s album was heavily influenced by Indian music).  This, in turn, can open the door for them to learn more about that culture—through music, people can empathize and care for people of other cultures and share a sort of connection. 

Others stated how their favorite artists/albums have introduced them to new genres of music and helped shape their taste in music.  Music has allowed them to have a more open mind, not simply in regards to genre, but in a small way, life in general. 

And lastly, through our most detailed response, we learned how music can affect one’s life by teaching moral lessons that can span generations.  Alan talked about how REM’s “Automatic for the People” has impacted his life since the album was released over twenty years ago.  His life has changed through the years, and because of that, his perspective of the album and its lessons has changed.  The song “Everybody Hurts” has taken on a whole new meaning for him since his son was born—now, instead of viewing it as cheesy, he views it as a powerful call to practice empathy and care with others, a lesson he hopes to pass down to his son. 

Overall, this project has opened our eyes to the ways music allows us to recognize and share our emotions, how it connects us to the world around us—people we know and people we don’t know—and it teaches us lessons that we can apply to our own lives, and hopefully pass down to the people that come after us.




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