Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Vojo Project

Posted by yanniej on December 4, 2016

“My favorite song”


We experienced a lot of difficulties working with the Vojo project so my group which included Baliey and Mike decided that we would all create a project individually. We came to a conclusion that we would record 6 people separately and record the information and produce a short video. The questions were as followed. What is your favorite song, who is the artist and what makes this song so unique or how has it had an impact on you? With constant communication, our group no longer wanted to hassle with our problem with Vojo because we had a lot of unanswered questions about why so many things did not work out. I made several accounts within my name personally, had assistance from people in class, but nothing worked and I really looked forward to seeing what the website had to offer. But everything happens for a reason, special thanks to my amazing group members I had a pleasure working with throughout the whole semester we seemed to communicate what it seemed like every day and they always contributed to what needed to be done on their part, so thank you guys !!!

  • Iyonia Jackson




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