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Rappers and politics – Nov. 15

Posted by cliffordpaulparsoniiiesq on November 28, 2016

How can it be a surprise for rap music, in this day and age, to cross over into politics as much as it does?

This presidential election was the first time I really saw Twitter at the forefront (Even then, it was really just one candidate). But it was a multimedia event in a lot of other ways too. Every election cycle, you see celebrities join in on the conversation. However, there are some issues that come up when entertainers get involved in politics (And I don’t just mean when they run for office. And actually win.)

I’ve seen a lot of Trump supporters criticize Jay Z and Beyonce for their support of the Democratic campaign. They argue that their profane lyrics and provocative dancing don’t reflect well on them as authorities on right and wrong.

Those same time of arguments came up after Trump’s notorious “Grab ‘em by the…” tape leaked. Plenty of people wondered why people would a problem when a presidential candidate uses foul language when it’s okay for rappers to do it.

Obviously, I think we should all hold the president to higher moral standards than a rapper. But then again, who knows? There’s talk of Kanye running in 2020…

In all seriousness though, I think politics and the entertainment industry should go on some casual dates but never go all the way (Pardon my sex analogy). We may be turned off by Beyonce’s lewd dancing and therefore not trust her to influence our voting activity. But in the end, it’s not Beyonce we’d be voting for. (But again, WHO THE HELL KNOWS?!).

Ted Nugent’s got a pretty foul mouth too, by the way… Just sayin’ (*Sips tea*)


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