Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Final blog post – Nov. 17

Posted by cliffordpaulparsoniiiesq on November 28, 2016

As I reach the end of this course, I’m reflecting on how hugely my readings have shaped my outlook on the media and pop culture. There are so many things that can tie into an area of study like this, that it’s hard not to be engaged and have fun.

The book addressed a lot of concepts and explained them through vivid examples. There’s enough pop culture tidbits buried throughout that I think I could win a random trivia challenge with hands tied behind my back! (Yes, I realize that wouldn’t hinder my ability to answer oral questions, but the point still stands).

This class has given me the rare opportunity for my curriculum to update in real time. I got to see videos, tweets and essays that will be old news as early as next semester. It’s amazing to think that next semester’s class will have a completely different experience than I did. They’ll be dealing with new events, new people, new memes, new viral songs, new apps… The list goes on! Next semester’s discussions will be radically different in terms of content, but they’ll still focus on how all pop culture ties together.

The concepts I’ve learned in Spreadable Media will affect how I look at my social media feeds every day. I feel like everything will spark a memory of a specific chapter in the text. Can anybody say the same thing about their math textbook?

Overall, I’m thrilled to be part of such a great pop culture program, and I look forward to seeing the department grow in years to come!


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