Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Why Media Spread part 1 Aug. 30

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 27, 2016

In the opening paragraphs of how to read this book you and your co-authors claim that there are three reasons a person will read your book Spreadable Media. The three reasons are if the reader happens to be a media scholar, communication professionals, and normal people who like the media and how it spreads. I believe there is another reason to read this book and that is a film major who took this class but ended up changing their major and stuck with the class. But this set of circumstances is a good thing because it allows an outsider to comment on not only the accessibility of the book but the spreadable media as a whole.

During the introduction at the end of the first paragraph the last sentence says, “Our message is simple and direct: if it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. For example, there are millions of singers and artists on Youtube trying to make a name for them self. They are constantly posting videos of themselves hoping viewers will like and share it. It would so hard. They are just wishing their video will fall into the right hands so they can catch a break in the music business.

Another point I found to be interesting is the Susan Boyle phenomenon. I explained what this was to my sister and she said it reminded her of a paper she wrote about back in college about the company Aerie and their campaign ‘#AerieREAL using real women and not models.


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