Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Onion (Sept. 20)

Posted by cliffordpaulparsoniiiesq on November 27, 2016

Like most people (I would assume), my experience with The Onion had me fooled into thinking it was real. I happened upon a video way back in the day on The Onion’s YouTube channel. The video depicted a young boy proudly boasting about how he used his parents’ gun to stop a burglar late at night. The kid went into gruesome detail as to how he shot the intruder over and over and smeared the blood over him to make him feel powerful. I remember wondering what the hell I was watching…

I didn’t “get” the video at the time. Now that I understand the premise of The Onion, I realize was a statement on how we glorify violence as long as it’s in self-defense. Through further Onion reading over the years, I’ve found plenty of clever and insightful stories that have been laughing in agreement throughout.

The articles I read here tackle social issues like women’s rights and racism. The situations here are the kind that previously would have only existed in a joke or clever anecdote. Now, they’re drawn out to full stories. Sometimes the articles are clearly one-sided. Other times, they poke fun at both sides equally.

I especially love how The Onion has introduced new spin-offs to adapt to our ever-changing Internet culture. I was excited when Buzzfeed parody Clickhole was first introduced, and the now-defunct Starwipe was another favorite. Now, not only is The Onion satirizing the news, but the way we absorb and spread news too. I look forward to what The Onion has in store in the future! Maybe a whole social network of stereotypical people? Or a feed dedicated to memes? The possibilities are endless and exciting.


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