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Sept 8. Comedy central

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 27, 2016

When you want to laugh what do you do? Would you get on Facebook? What about ifunny? Do you get on the internet? Some people like to relax in front of the TV and turn on their favorite channel. There are a few channel dedicated to comedy. They include Cartoon Network, and by extension Adult Swim, TBS among others. My personal favorite is Comedy Central.

I started watching Comedy Central around the age of 14. Reruns of Family Guy brought me there. My family always went to church Sunday evening so I couldn’t watch it when it aired on Fox. I was stuck with the reruns. Another show I would watch on Comedy central was Tosh.0. He was a big reason I like watching stupid videos on the internet.

I love cartoons and Comedy Central is a pretty good place for someone who likes watching adult cartoons. I mentioned Family Guy earlier but that is not the only one. A show that I really like to watch was Moonbeam City. It was a comedic take on eighties cop show. Unfortunately it wasn’t very popular and it got canceled. But my all-time Favorite TV show and by extension Cartoon is Futurama.  I really like it because it is a perfect blend of comedy and science fiction with a lot a heartfelt moments mixed in.  After Fox canceled it in 2004 Comedy Central picked up the rights to it. In 2010, Futurama fans around the world, including me, rejoiced when a brand new season aired.


One Response to “Sept 8. Comedy central”

  1. cliffordpaulparsoniiiesq said

    I brought up in my post how I didn’t think Comedy Central was necessarily known for its programming in a collective sense (Meaning that fans of MST3K might not overlap with South Park fans, for instance). So I like how you were first attracted to Comedy Central because of reruns! I have to wonder if a network can rely too heavily on other network’s media, to the point where it loses its own uniqueness? It revived Futurama, yes, but it didn’t come up with the show to begin with.

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