Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Rigged! – Oct. 4

Posted by cliffordpaulparsoniiiesq on November 27, 2016

Someone please explain to be how a game about one of the shadiest practices in American politics could possibly be so addictive?

One of my first reactions learning about gerrymandering was how complicated it must be from a mathematical standpoint. Congressmen have to redraw lines on a map into weird and twisted shapes for political gain. How much time and effort has got to be devoted to drawing those lines? There are so many things to factor in: which groups of people are still there, which groups of people have recently shown up, what the population is, how much the population has grown, and how much the population will likely grow by the time redistricting happens again. Also, I hope you’re in constant correspondence with the other representatives from your state—You may have a sliver of a neighborhood that they could use on their side, and vice versa!

The ‘Rigged’ game obviously simplified the process tremendously, but it still gave me a good idea of how this process works. It’s also worth noting that actual congressmen probably wouldn’t risk getting it wrong and losing points, since they have mathematicians for that… I would assume.

The game really got me thinking about how this must play out in real life. It comes in the form of a fun, interactive game, put it’s definitely piqued my interest. I look forward to learning more about gerrymandering, its pros and cons, and how it could potentially affect the political landscape in decades to come.

Once you’ve cut that chunk out of the state-shaped pizza pie, you can’t take it back! At least not for a while. Make sure you’re picking out the slice that’s right for you!

Rats, now I’m hungry.


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