Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Retail Sept. 13

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 27, 2016

I have a friend that works in retail and one would not believe the stories they have unless you have worked in retail in the past. Customers can make or break a company. Customer satisfaction is so important one cannot stress that enough. If someone goes into a store and is looking for a new pair of jeans but not sure what would be best for them they are going to ask someone that is working for there for the help and opinion. If the customer is given good service and leaves the store happy and satisfied they are more likely to come back and shop there again. But what is more important is what that person is telling his or her friends and family. If they receive good service they are more likely to recommend this company or store to their friends and family. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing that many do not even notice.

After reading the article I was completely shocked that every day one may sees between 3.000 to 5,000 ads. I would have never guessed such a high number, maybe around 500. But most people may not even notice most ads when they are driving down the road, while they are watching their favorite TV show, flipping through their magazine and newspaper or while listening the radio. It is crazy to think about. Having a memorable ad or message is key to catching their audience attention because this can help one remember what saw or heard and look it up later.


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