Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Media Breaker Sept. 29

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 27, 2016


 Video editing is very important. It decides what the audience watches. Aside from the actual content of the video, it can be one of the most important parts of making a video. Many hours go into editing. Someone is deciding what is needed to tell the story of the video; what key parts are necessary to get the point across to the audience. They also have to make sure what they choose to keep in the video flows naturally together. To shoot a video, the director may take multiple takes of one scene, then editing out what is not needed. My sister has worked on a video shoot for an agency she interned with and she said for a small ten minute video it took weeks to shoot with multiple takes. Then many more weeks to go through everything they had to make the perfect video. I find the editing process very interesting. So much goes into this process and the audience has very little idea how hard the process really is.  All that being said, editing tools are very important if you get great editing tool, the entire process becomes easier. Media breaker isn’t the best editing tool I have ever used. I understand the point of it however. It can be very hard for students to get the rights for content. For example the maker of the web comic Ctrl-alt-Delete sued a student because the student used characters from his series without consent. Media Breaker offers a way around that so a student can make their own points on the subject.


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