Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Joss Whedon

Posted by drewowen44 on November 27, 2016

November 1 make up blog post

reading this is another example of how active audiences play a role in tv shows. active audiences keep the show airing for a lot longer versus audiences that are not active. For example Joss Whedon has attracted loyal and active fans which later paid off for him selling DVD/videos. Also we have talked about spreadable media all semester long and this article gives another example of this talking about how his audiences that watch his shows recruit other people into watching his shows and that pays off for him. Reading about the show Dr. Horrible was interesting to find that Whedon recorded the entire series in under six days and under a budget of $250,000 thats pretty unheard of anymore and dont see how he managed to do that. sounds like the show Dr. Horrible was kind of made on the run and didnt expect to get as many fans and attention as he did, but never a bad thing. To me reading this article and all the other articles we have read and talked about over the course of this semester is the importance of getting your audience actively engaged as we called it is a big key into having tv shows air for a long time. That then transitions to the spreadable media aspect and how your fans will tell other people about the show they watch and get them to watch as well.


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