Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Josh Wheaton Nov. 1

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 27, 2016


As I have said before I really like movies. It a big reason why I took this class because thought it was going to be discussions about comic books and movie culture. But anyway back to movies I don’t really enjoy Josh Wheaton’s productions. I hated Buffy The Vampire Slayer and its spin off show Angel. I dislike them for the same reason I dislike the X-men comics. The shows attempt to mix soap opera style drama with world ending cataclysmic events. I feel the best way to present these things is to heavily focus on one and the other be a subplot. For example in the movie Titanic is very much a romance movie that just happens to be set on the infamous boat. It takes a good director to seamlessly bring them together and in my opinion Josh isn’t the best director.

Another problem with Joss Wheaton’s directing is glamour over substance. A good example of this is the Avengers movies. When I saw the first Avengers movie I was like okay that was cool. A large scale live action super hero team up had never been done before so it was fine. But the second avengers movie was so similar to the first it wasn’t even funny. But both of the movies looked great. I was hoping to see a lot more character development than I did.  I wanted to see a bit more drama but as I have already established Joss Wheaton kind of sucks at drama.


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