Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

From weird to wide, nov 10

Posted by jennnymarks on November 27, 2016

This article starts out with the question, “Why are some people wealthy and some people poor?” When most people see this question, they probably think that people become wealthy because they go to college and they get a good, supportive job. But this article introduces the idea that many poor people are really just born into poverty. People in these poor situations focus more on survival. They are working with the bare minimum just go get by day to day, putting all of their focus into that. So you could see how someone that was born into poverty, stays in poverty. For example, a single mother living in a poor neighborhood has 4 sons. As the mother struggles to put food on the table and pay for the house, the oldest son gets a job and begins to help the family. Since he has to work a lot, he is not able to focus in school and then never makes it college simply because he was trying to support his family. Then one day he will have children and sadly, the same thing will most likely happen and the cycle continues. In the end, this is the answer to the question why are some people wealthy and some people poor. This is especially saddening in the aspect of people in Africa. They don’t even have the chance to get a job because their struggle in literal survival. They have to think about what they’re gonna eat or where they’re gonna get their water, so how could they possibly think about getting out of such poverty when their whole life is consumed with survival?


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