Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Free fan labor Sept. 6

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 27, 2016

Free fan labor is very interesting. It has been going on for a long time but I think it has gotten more popular today with all the social media. I was trying to explain what free fan labor was to my sister and she said is reminds her of advertising but at a different level obviously because it is free. For example, when a consumer buys a CD or downloads an album and plays it for their friends this would be an easy way to explain what free fan labor is. The person that is playing the CD for the friends may not even realize what he or she are doing either. Little do they know that they are helping out the artist by playing and advertising their music. Another example of free fan labor would be clothing and merchandise. Every time someone buys a Nike shoes they are advertising that brand. The iconic Nike swoosh is known by a lot of consumers. Another example is I have noticed the Apple watch is very popular. I have seen a lot people wearing them. I personally do not have one because I’m not a fan of Apple product but I have to respect them because they do know how to sell their brand. Most of my family has the Apple products. I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t have an iPhone. But when someone buys an iPhone they get a small apple sticker that one could use. I see them on people’s car, laptops, and many other places. I bet those do not even cost more than 5 cents.


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