Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Fold project nov. 17

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 27, 2016


The fold project was my favorite so far. As I have stated in previous posts I enjoy listening to music. Music is good because certain music can get put you in a certain mood. Music is also a universal way to bring people together. It has the ability to recall memories and bring back emotion. Music is very powerful. If I want to relax I will listen to Ratatat. If I want to get pumped up I will listen to AC/DC. Everyone has their go-to music for whatever occasion they are in if that is getting ready to go for the night to making the drive back home from college.

Fold was my favorite project because for two reasons its ease of use and the content. Fold allowed the user to type out back story and exposition. It also allowed the user to explain what type of music they tend to listen to. It typed out almost like a word document. With a simple click the user could link the reader to YouTube videos about that particular artists. It could also link news articles such as articles from the Rolling Stone magazine and biography relating to the artist in question. It allows the readers to jump in to other people shoes so to say. By simply clicking the artist name, the reader can learn all about that artist. The reader might be able to understand why the original writer liked that musician so much. Because I like music and that was the main focus of our project it would make sense I enjoyed this project.


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