Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

comedy central

Posted by drewowen44 on November 27, 2016

sept 8 make up post

Seeing these links to comedy central had me not dreading this late post so much which i should’ve already done but I can relate to this post very well talking about the comedy central. Comedy central seems to be the channel of choice at my apartment with me and two other guys living here. i did know that comedy  really wasnt a popular things until all that not long ago. my parents telling me stories of how they got involved in it when it was kind of being discovered. This article though was interesting to see how comedy central kinda became a thing and where its idea came from. the process of getting comedy central started seemed as if it was fun in a way. A bunch of guys trying to figure out a successful way to create this channel just with such an open mind and when it comes to comedy with an open mind i  would say it would get very interesting to say the least. Reading this i did not know how many shows were actually on comedy central i guess because southpark and tosh.o are the ones i mainly watch and familiar with. Also how they  talk about snapchat and how comedy  central works with them i never really look at those things on snapchat and just never realized comedy central is on there. might be something to look at now that i know its there.


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