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Glee Oct. 11

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 26, 2016

I remember when the TV show Glee came out back when I was in middle school. My sister and mother really liked the show. They would watch it weekly and even bought the season when it came out on DVD. I personally never got into the show but I did watch a couple episodes with my sister. The cast of Glee was a very diverse group of people. I really liked that. I think it opened doors for actors in the television world. I think I remember hearing it was the first or one of the first TV shows that casted a transgender person as one of the regulars. The world is changing and TV needs to keep up, by adding this really made them stand out and step in front of other TV shows.

Another thing I remember about Glee was their wide variety of music. They covered almost every genre. I really liked how they didn’t only cover pop but the covered some oldies too. Young viewers were exposed to many different genres. There is such good music out there that many young people aren’t aware of and I think Glee helped showcase music from different eras.

When one of the main characters from Glee passed away during filming I think Glee took a big hit. He was an important character to the show. My sister said the show did their best to keep the show going by bringing in more characters but it would still be hard. It was never truly the same. He was a very well-liked character.


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