Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Professional wrestling Nov.3

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 25, 2016


I have never been a fan of professional wrestling. I kind of figured out that some of the move and combination of moves would result in serious injury or death. I feel like this type of gladiatorial combat would not be allowed on television. Just because I was not a fan of professional wrestling doesn’t mean that I am unaware of its existence. One of my friends from middle school was a pretty big fan of wrestling. I remember going over to his house and he would go on and on about WWE and how it was better than the other professional wrestling leagues. The only two-player game he had on his PlayStation 2 was a WWE vs. RAW game. I have to admit it was fun. I would always choose Hulk Hogan because I thought his design was stupid and kind of funny. However I never got any good at it. I was just a button masher. I would also watch wrestling matches at his house. I didn’t know who the two competitors were; but I believe one of the wrestler rode in on a lawn mower. 

Our yearly family vacations are always to Clearwater, Florida. In Clearwater, there are your typical gift and souvenir shops; and randomly tossed in there is Hulk Hogan’s shop. Hogan lives in Clearwater. We have drove by his house once. In front of his store is a huge Hulk Hogan statue. There are always tourists taking pictures with it. The shop sells autographed pictures, clothing, and replica trophies and belts.


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