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Posted by marybethchilders on November 23, 2016

So word on the street in this article is that in several medical trials, women are not included. Not gonna lie this makes me uncomfortable as hell. We all know that men and women are different in alot of ways. I’m no uber feminist, so i’m totally cool with admitting that the two genders have lots of differences between them. So, my taking a medicine that my doctor says is safe better be freakin safe. I’m not trying to die at 19 buddy if i don’t have to. I am not a man, therefore, how does anyone know that a medicine that all gucci in a man’s system is gonna all gucci in mine, a woman’s. So i’m hella bothered by that.

That aside, it’s extremely bothering that women aren’t included because we have like “periods and menopause and stuff” and the scientists don’t wanna try a little harder to figure out how those things ay affect the medication. I think it’s super important that these things are tested in reguards to all that “stuff” because what if it worsens the symptoms or even make that one dreaded week just a little bit better for a woman. I don’t think that women should be left out and ostracized because of something we can’t help nor even WANT. Like seriously, scientist dudes, come on.


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