Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

make up blog post sept. 1

Posted by marybethchilders on November 23, 2016

Memes are freaking everywhere. They like run the internet. You can’t get onto social media without seeing a meme. I’ll bet you that you’ll see at least one within your first one to two scrolls when on twitter. With the initial tweet, your brother’s retweet, you cousin’s dog’s mom’s retweet, it ends up on your timeline. Then it goes from your timeline to the topic of discussion the next day at lunch with your buddies with “Yo, dude did you see that pic on twitter last night with the guy and he’s like doing the thing and it says something really clever on the bottom of the pic” or however that conversation goes, we all know the one. It feels like meme culture only just erupted into existence but according the article “In defense of memes” apparently they’ve been around for a good while.

Insane Clown Posse was a group that I was introduced to in high school. It seemed that the “misunderstood” kids (that’s what they called themselves) were listening to and it kind of travelled through my class. They kind of created trolling apparently, but I can’t really follow where her article goes because it seems like half of the words the author uses are not english. But oh well lol.

BUT in all, memes are a big form of spreadable media because they can travel all across the world in the matter of a couple retweets. Pretty cool if you ask me.


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