Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Old Teaches New

Posted by jessiemc11 on November 22, 2016

In the article, What Old Media Can Teach New, it says “A key starting point for understanding entertainment-based media industries is acknowledging that they are different from most other business sectors—often in particularly frustrating ways for their practitioners.” it talks about how these kinds of medias operate differently and can not use other information/things besides what is specifically set aside for it. this part of the article was interesting because it talks about success through uncertainty  it teaches that we shouldn’t be drawn by the next big thing but to be learning lessons from these things. Therefor old teaches the new things there are many times in which you can use this example and even to create the next big thing you must have all of the right info and experience from past projects and media is the example in this article. People can learn from content as well as costly things. Knowing old allows for creating new and with out learning from old things it would be very hard to create new in a better way.


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