Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by aiyanarudolph on November 22, 2016

If we ignore all the Twilight references made in the conclusion, which I personally am going to do, I think it’s obvious that the major goal of spreadable media is to demonstrate how we play a role in it. Before this class, I never realized how significant me sharing something on Facebook or Twitter was. I have an active part in the spreadability of media, and this class has shown me how important it is to use that in good ways. We are allowing new opinions to be spread with every retweet or like. It’s interesting how much of a role we have in voicing different opinions that would never be heard without our voices as well. I definitely think that the public needs to take back this industry. Large corporations should not have as much control over spreadable media the way they do; it should be about the people. Spreadable media makes accessing new ideas and cultures easier, and it helps unify us in a way I never would have understood before this class. I guess we do have a responsibility to understand what we are sharing within media.


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