Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Final Chapter…

Posted by yanniej on November 17, 2016

Spreadable media you will be missed, all the 280 characters (I type a lot) about how you run the world, all the class debates and many pages I had to read to learn more about you will be greatly missed. While when we first started on this semester long subject, I must admit I thought I knew more about spreadable media than I actually did. While of course there were many things I did know due to the fact that everything that we do consist of a form of technology it opened my eyes more to the fact of how it is done.

One of the things that I was so mind blown about was that we as individuals are a form of spreadable media daily, which was something I never really paid any attention too. Wearing a WKU shirt, writing with a CHASE bank pen in class, to sharing a post on my Facebook page all helps the big boss on the other end. I enjoyed the blogs from classmates throughout the journey of tackling new subjects and chapters because it was interesting hearing multiple perspectives about different topics.

While I ranted on how I could predict what was next to come and I fussed on how I believed all of the conversations were the same as I look back over the semester I can say they most defiantly were not. They may have related in a way or somewhat connected, but each topic that we touched on had their own specific methods of attracting, spreading and selling their media to people such as YOU and I!

  • Thanks Sam for teaching us young folks that we really don’t know EVERYTHING about technology!

2 Responses to “The Final Chapter…”

  1. mhlowhorn said

    It was so cool to me, to learn that we as consumers are so much more involved in spreading media than we know. Like you said, from what we wear, what supplies we use, what we talk about with our friends, or what we share on social media–it’s all a form of spreading media. SO MUCH of what we do is influenced by pop culture, and that, in turn, influences pop culture in its own way.

    • yanniej said

      That is the crazy thing because before I was educated on what the heck “spreadiable media” was, I was the walking talking root of the word and I didn’t even know it. That is why I think it is so important to learn about various areas because while I was never intrested in taking Pop Culture I am glad I did because I have expanded my knowledge.

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