Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The end.

Posted by tycamchan on November 17, 2016

I cannot believe that this is the end of such an informative class. It seems like just yesterday we were registering for this site and having difficulty with logging in and everything.

This book has definitely been an amazing read. Don’t really know if I would’ve picked it up on my own, but having read it I would definitely recommend it to a friend looking for information about what’s going on in the world. I feel like I learned a great deal. One thing, the greatest thing I think I put together from reading this book would have to be:

Pop culture, and the world around us, is ever changing. We don’t always know how, and we don’t always know how. But it does. I think we should spend more time just living and enjoying the ride than trying to predict what’s gonna happen, and why. But we’ve had a great run, and I wanna thank everyone for their honesty and opinions.


4 Responses to “The end.”

  1. lucdigi said

    I was constantly surprised by how honest people were being on these posts. Its not exactly anonymous because we know each other from class and people’s usernames sometimes give away who they are, but even then… Glad we could all be honest.

  2. mhlowhorn said

    Yeah, one thing I definitely took away from this book and the entire course itself, is that we’re all more than just consumers. We serve a purpose and have a role in pop culture that can greatly impact the creation of media content. The discussions we have about TV, movies, books, music, etc–they are all so much more important than I and many others ever realized.

  3. dbolster08 said

    This class really has flown by. it seems like I was just trying to figure out how to accept the invite to wordpress. It’s been a good class and I enjoyed the view of media that it gave me.

  4. prestonperkins91 said

    I’ve never been involved with the interweb as much as I had with this class. Like what we’ve been taught in this class media is becoming new and the new goose that lays the golden egg for pop culture is the Internet. I’m glad there didn’t seem to be a filter for these posts or class. Something I wish people would consider on other spreadable media sites without blowing up.

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