Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by roseconway98 on November 17, 2016

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and Spreadable Media. I never really thought of a book on this sort of topic. But it was actually really interesting to see and to be educated on how media is legitimately spread. I never really looked into “behind the curtain”of media and all the business and side people that put in so much effort to get stuff out in the world. Then thinking back to a few chapter ago when it talked about fandoms and such, I never realized how much of an impact I had on artist and the direction of their music just by buying march or having them pop up on my spotify or even liking their page on Facebook, it honestly is the little things. Already in our time technology has evolved so much it is crazy to see what is in store in the next few years and what technology will be like for our children. (But you can bet I’ll still try and make my child go through the struggle of having a flip phone just like I did just so they can know what its like.) Also, Spreadable Media has really put into perspective what you put on the internet is there forever. The impact you can have on someone just from what you post or share can create a whole new liking for something is incredible and it actually feels really good to help someone find a new band they like or a new website or book. Then theres always the downside of the whole thing where people get upset over other peoples opinions and theres miscommunication and lots of mess. But you just have to push that to the side and realize we have the world at our fingertips.

It saddens me that this is my blog post and soon I won’t have pop culture class anymore. Being asked to write a blog post over a general topic but getting to take it in whatever direction we wanted was challenging at first but in the end I genuinely looked forward to it. Writing these blog post gave me the courage to switch my major to something I ACTUALLY wanted to do and I couldn’t thank you enough Sam (‘: Ok I’m gonna go now because I am a child and Im tearing up, ok bye frens.


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