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Pop Culture Conclusion

Posted by mhlowhorn on November 17, 2016

Until I read this book, I never realized that we as consumers played such a big role in the world of media production.  I knew that we lived in a society where sharing opinions and spreading media is encouraged, but I had no clue that something like that could have an actual impact on the creation of media.

Audiences today do not merely serve as passive viewers like they once did; like the book Spreadable Media explains, audiences serve as critics, deciding what works and what doesn’t, “publicists”, continually sharing and promoting content that we like, and primary “influencers” of creative content through these actions.  As the book highlights, audiences are almost as active of participants as media producers are, though in different ways.

Like I said, this book really opened my eyes to this system of participatory media, making me reflect more on the content that I share, and the people I know share.  Our voices matter.  For the most part we are not just wasting our time on social media, we are influencing our popular culture—for better or for worse.


2 Responses to “Pop Culture Conclusion”

  1. lucdigi said

    I think that especially as of late with the growing influence of technology on teens and young adults, we will see quite a rise in participatory media. You find out and get a better idea of who your friends are as people when they share how they feel and how they act through their media. Quite an interesting ideal…

  2. prestonperkins91 said

    Likewise, I thought the same thing. It makes you wonder how any of us can create just about anything great and spreadable online, if we put enough effort into it. Spreadable Media is getting faster along with tech, makes you wonder what the future of it will be like

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