Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

everyone is connected

Posted by Alex Malone on November 17, 2016

It’s nice that this is almost over.

Of course, I still have half a dozen previously neglected blog posts to write, but those will come. It’s just nice that this thing that constantly got outprioritized by my other classes and my social life is almost done with. That really shouldn’t be how I relate to this class. It betrays the fact that I’m not the greatest student in the world. Whatever.

I had a tough time with some of this book, and not just because of the often overly-academic tone. I am just young and Internet-addicted enough to have grown up with almost all of the cultural norms the book outlines. As such, I have trouble putting it in a different context to dissect it, because there isn’t any point of reference. It’s been easier for me to simply talk about my experiences, but that usually feels lame and insubstantial.

Put another way, I take all of this for granted. I practically live on the parts of the Internet where it’s de rigeur; it seems completely natural to me. My responses to the content of this book have rarely strayed from “oh, hey, these people are also remixing and spreading stuff! that’s really cool!”

To relate what I believe the takeaway here is to another of the concluding points, I think of myself strictly as a consumer. Or I did, at least, until I took this class. In the future, I think I will be far more conscious of the ways in which I act as a vector for that which I find interesting, and I will certainly take a more outspoken role in helping to maintain the channels by which that can happen; after all, keeping them clean is the whole reason I’m on the Internet in the first place.


One Response to “everyone is connected”

  1. dbolster08 said

    I’ll be honest these blog posts became a hassle for me as well. I was always struggling to remember to do my blog posts and to comment on people’s post.

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