Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Weird to wide

Posted by Ian Baumgardner on November 16, 2016


Way are some people rich and some people poor? That’s a simple question. But the answer is more difficult. It is not as easy as Paris Hilton puts it, “don’t be poor”. People are poor for many different reasons. In my opinion the two biggest factors reasons why people are less fortunate than others are lack of an education and environmental factors. I would like to say that I’m no expert so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. I believe the biggest factor is education. If a person goes to do what they want and lands a good job in their field then that person will be set.  Unfortunately just because a person has education doesn’t mean they will have a great job. On the other hand, we all know people who didn’t graduate or didn’t attend college and they are successful.

Another factor in how successful someone can be is the environment they live in. If a person surrounds themselves with lazy people then they will likely turn out that way themselves. But if a person is surrounded by productive, motivated people then one has a better chance at success.

Getting rich sounds easy; there are three ways one can become wealthy. The first way is to be born into it. What is a better way to get money than to ride off the coattails of a more successful person. The second way is to have it given to you by ways of the lottery. The third way entails working hard your whole life and finally attaining your dreams of success.


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