Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Future of Spreadable Media

Posted by ccpadfield on November 16, 2016

Overall, I enjoyed Spreadable Media. I think it is really cool that the book sets up a basic understanding of media and spreadability. It gives simple facts and gives a nice layout for explaining media and it’s spreadability. But moreso, I think it is neat that there are so many essays on the Spreadable Media website. These essays not only expand on the basic understanding of the Spreadable Media book, they also give specific examples of how media has spread.

Now I think the question comes to how media will spread in the future. What future technologies will allow media to be made more accessible? What social media platforms will spread media to the farthest corners of the Earth?

In class, we have worked with a few programs that have allowed us to make commentary on Fusion videos. I think these programs have the potential to gain popularity and allow users all over the world to make comments and question the material they are viewing. Maybe this will make it easier for people to view and read other’s opinions.

This type of commenting system reminds me of SoundCloud. When you listen to music or a podcast on SoundCloud you can make a comment on a particular point in the audio file. This comment can be seen by everyone who sees the audio file. The problem is, not many people are watching an audio file just to read other people’s comments.

Thats why I think it would be great if commenting and annotating videos like we have in class would be great for the future of spreadable media.


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