Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Spreadable Media – Conclusion

Posted by lucdigi on November 16, 2016

One of my favorite lines from the conclusion of this book is “As people pursue their own agendas in sharing and discussing media content, they are helping to spread the seeds – transforming commodities into gifts, turning texts into resources, and asserting their own communication capacities.” I feel like one of the most important things you can do to spread media and ideals is to emphasize the importance of resources and sharing them with people. When you present or speak about an idea, share with people where your inspiration and thought process stemmed from. Not only does this spread your media and your message, but it spreads the media and message that originally existed to inspire. I relate this to music (surprise, surprise…) in the way that you share your favorite artists with each other. You can think of your favorite bands and think “these people are my inspiration, and the reason I listen and play” and then you can go back and see who THEY were inspired by. Following the trail of artists all the way back to the inception of a genre is a wonderful thing. They are even “citing their sources” sonically. You can hear the influence. You can hear the inspiration. You turn that musical “text” into a resource for exploring more avenues of art. It helps you connect the dots between styles and genres and can even lead you to people and things you otherwise may not have found. I think music may be one of the most spreadable forms of media out there, and definitely one of the most universal forms as well.


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