Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Spreadable Media

Posted by drewowen44 on November 16, 2016

Over the course of this semester, reading in the Spreadable Media book has been interesting in wide range of ways. It has shown me many different aspects of spreadable media and the way of doing so in effective ways. I have learned about the past and what it used to be like in the media world and how much it has  changed just in a short period of time. Also something to consider on  what we have read on the way spreadable media and the way it is now but the way the future is going to be, short term and long term…makes you wonder. Reading these articles every week made me realize how much we are influenced by spreadable media everyday several times a day and even can be a small type of spreadable media just depending on what we wear, which i think was discussed in one of the groups class discussions. Reading and hearing everyone else’s comments and opinions on spreadable media has had an impact as well on what i have picked up in this class and maybe even apply to myself or someone else in the real world.  Never in this class would i have thought we would have been learning about soap operas or professional wrestling and how they both relate to spreadable media and their way of doing so. A couple of the projects we have done with computer programs have been useful too, never know when something similar could pop up for a job or even another school assignment.


One Response to “Spreadable Media”

  1. yanniej said

    I never thought I would be able to say I wrote about topics such as soap operas, wrestling and how could I forget Harambe.. Dear pop culture as well as spreadable media you will be missed, while I run into you daily 24/7 365 days a year you will still be missed. The next time I look at a pop up ad on Youtube I will hear Sam’s voice pop into my head telling me that spreadable media can not be avoided… *looks at ad that popped up on screen with the pair of shoes you just looked at on the website, trying to look away so you dont go back and buy them* GOODBYE FOLKS GUESS THERE WILL NEVER BE A NEXT TIME :/

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