Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Spreadability (Its everywhere)

Posted by tarynmitchell95 on November 16, 2016

I feel that after reading the last chapter, it gave me a better insight as to everything we have learned. I feel that most of the readings and activities we did over the course of the semester all had something to do with the subject of spreadability. I feel that in todays world, a lot of what we see and share is because of how it is spread through social media. Social media plays a huge role in todays world. It can be how we get most of our information.

Take this election for example. I feel that so much of this past election was linked to social media. Both candidates Trump and Hilary had such a huge social media following. I feel that they were able to connect on a more personal level with society. They were able to talk   to their audience in a way that no other president really could before. I feel that spreadability was a huge portion in this election. A lot of people in my opinion, just listened to what they heard on social media about the candidates. Even though some of the information was not true, people believed it, and voted based on it. Some of the stuff on social media was not even accurate or in relation to the election. Some people didn’t even do their research onTrump or Hilary and just went based off of what they heard of or saw on social media. Its crazy to think that spreadability within the pop culture had such a huge impact on this election

I feel that before this class I did not know much about spreadable media. What I failed to realize is that its all around me. Whether its things like instagram, twitter, or even Facebook, I was unaware of the affect it had on me and some my followers. I am always sharing memes and information and its all an ongoing circle in spreadability. It almost makes me wonder what the future will be like with social media. Will people become smarter when it comes to sharing information, or will things get more advanced. Overall, I feel like I have a better understanding and will continue to use the trend because of how well I know how to use it.


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