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Responsible Power

Posted by katherineschaaf on November 16, 2016

Don’t you just hate spoilers?  It was always the worst in middle school when you had to read a class novel and that ONE person always had to read ahead of the schedule.  Then before you know it the ending gets spread like wild fire before anyone else can finish.  Even worse, when the ending gets leaked from the final scene of your favorite movie/television show (especially when you are behind) or the conclusion to your favorite novel (aka Allegiant).  The general concept of spreadability can be so infuriating in times like these.

Speaking of, a great example was given in Spreadable Media about the Twilight series.  There is a fine line of interaction between producers and consumers in the film/novel industry.   When it comes to fans stealing property (taking images unwarranted) and circulating those without the producer’s knowledge, it results in a lot of conflict.    The issue is with when, where, to whom, and what should be circulated.  Should the audience even have such a powerful say in the production of the film?  Should fans not trust the decisions made by the author regarding the film?  With spreadability comes so many various expectations in the industry and the end picture is not always the best of both worlds.  We right now hold so much potential into what we make the future of spreadable media.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Let us use it wisely.


2 Responses to “Responsible Power”

  1. tarynmitchell95 said

    I have always hated when people did that too. When you had someone spoil the end of a story its almost like yo¨dont even want to read it anymore, like there is no element of surprise. I felt the same way with what the fans did for the twilight movie. They basically almost spilled an entire movie. A production that people worked so hard on. This is what happens in todays world as well. With not only movie but other things on the internet, and it happens because of how it is spread by people. Individuals who spread media whether they know it to be true or false.

    • katherineschaaf said

      Yes that brings up a good point. The fact that people will spread things no matter if they know it to be true or false and it is sad that it is not all that surprising today. I personally could not share false information to the entire world, for example information in gossip magazines that have the potential to ruin a celebrities life… people will do anything for the attention and money.

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