Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Peace Out Spreadable Media

Posted by alexiskurtz1 on November 16, 2016

Crazy to think we finally reached the end. We have untangled the concepts, ideas, starting points, ending points and so much more about media. When know how it spreads, who spreads it, why it spreads, when it spreads and what spreads. By discovering these aspects of media I saw a new side to popular culture. When I think of pop culture I initial think of things that are popular or what people like. In high school I took a pop culture class and we discussed sports, music, clothing and things like that, that were popular from past to present time. This course was unique in that it focussed specifically on just the media. Other aspects of pop culture over lap and often can be topics within media but learning about the mechanics behind how some media spreads was interesting. Some of the technical aspects of media were hard for me to follow at times and other aspects of media were just boring to me. But isn’t that the whole purpose of pop culture? Everyone prefers different things and with media being so vast and developed it can accommodate to many people with many different views. Thats what is most interesting to me. There is something out there for everyone and it will always be that way. Certain things are called “mainstream” and it seems as if it’s there to make everyone conform, but in reality that could never be possible because there will always be someone who sees things in a different way. People are unique and it’s great that there is a way to accommodate to all their unique needs.

One Response to “Peace Out Spreadable Media”

  1. tarynmitchell95 said

    I feel the exact same way. Spreadability is really everywhere and is spread everywhere. I feel that is what makes it so successful, how its spread. A lot of things we see on the internet is something someone else spread and its almost like an ongoing circle of things. Its crazy how relevant it is in todays culture.

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