Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by laurenbailey07 on November 16, 2016

I swear it feels like we just started writing blog posts yesterday. In all honesty, I am extremely sad that I do not have any more blog posts to write after this one. Reading Spreadable Media and all of the articles and essays that came along with it, I would not say has made “a huge impact” on my life but I will say it has made me think in many ways I never had before. Being forced to think and write 250+ words every Monday and Wednesday night about topics I agree with, disagree with, have heard of, and have never heard of before has been extremely challenging but also very beneficial. Reading every ones views and opinions on the same articles that I read was very eye-opening on how differently we all see the world. It is kind of cool to me how we can read something but each of us take it in a different light.

It is also interesting to think about how media spreads and how much of it we take in everyday and all of the places that we see it. How it changes through each website and news company, how it is tossed and turned into something maybe completely different from what it started out to be and how fast it can get from one person to millions in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

As always #RushSamFord4EVER


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