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The End? (For Now)

Posted by radionightowl on November 16, 2016

Spreadable Media put the emphasis on how media travels in this day and age–quickly, and a lot of time without clear formula, rhyme, or reason. I know I’ve probably scratched my head many times wondering what people saw in a certain piece of media that just didn’t grab me. But that’s honestly the great thing about the way we get our entertainment today; there’s something out there for just about anyone, no matter who they are. I loved the idea of dandelion seeds spreading to the wind (like the cover of the book, of course!) because that’s how it really seems to happen. What we enjoy sprouts up in other places as it gets spread throughout the country and the world, and then new fanbases and communities grow around that concept that sprout new little dandelions to produce media. Some companies haven’t quite mastered the new landscape that we life in; the interactive side is so radically different from any past media iterations we’ve had before. Stuff used to be spoon fed, but now we have the power to reject and choose what media we want in our lives because there’s such a vast amount that exists. It’s interesting that many people who spark new innovations in media often have the least to lose in the first place; if you don’t take risks, then you will result in no net gain and no change in the system. This new media landscape has taught me how important it is to produce, create, and attempt to innovate. The media experience is changing, and the way that companies are presenting it is too.


One Response to “The End? (For Now)”

  1. aiyanarudolph said

    I totally agree with there being spreadable media for everyone and how that’s the purpose of the entertainment industry. And I think that’s why spreadable media is so great because there is something for everyone.

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